10 Common Safety Issues in Warehouses

Injured Warehouse Worker

We don’t have to tell you that busy warehouses can be a dangerous place to work. Dixie Warehouse Solutions is here to team up with you to keep workers as safe as possible. Here is a look at 10 common warehouse safety issues and some of the solutions Dixie can provide.

Electrical Hazards

Some of the most dangerous situations involve electricity. One of the most common is ground fault electrical shock. It can happen because of improper equipment or installation. Over time, things like ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) can fail. Our parent company, Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, is experienced in electrical preventive maintenance or EPM. Skilled electricians, using sophisticated testing equipment. can locate dangerous electrical problems.

Wearing Proper Clothing & Equipment

One of the most common violations reported by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the failure to wear required personal protective equipment and clothing. This can include protective eyewear, goggles, gloves, and breathing masks. Not using these items greatly increases the risk of injury. The best way to avoid this violation is through education and vigilance by supervisors. Dixie features a full line of protective equipment for workers.

Falling Objects

Using warehouse space efficiently means tall stacks of material, some of which is likely heavy. If not done correctly, the risk of injuries from falling objects can be great. Workers must be trained on proper stacking technique to improve warehouse safety. To help, Dixie Warehouse features a full line of racking and storage equipment. Racks and shelving designed to provide safe and stable storage for virtually any material.

Heat Exhaustion

During an Alabama summer, the heat is a safety issue. Employees can suffer from heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Additionally, a hot worker is generally a tired worker and more prone to making mistakes, perhaps dangerous mistakes. A great way to cool the employees is with a high-volume, low-speed fan or HVLS. The large fan blades turn at a low speed but move a lot of air without the noise and turbulence of high-speed fans. Dixie carries a wide variety of HVLS fans.

Slips & Falls

In 2013 OSHA found that 12% of major workplace injuries were caused by slips and falls. There is safety in organization. Organize your warehouse by eliminating clutter. Clear the floor of any obstructions, such as holes, cracks, or loose cords. Clean up spills immediately. Using anti-slip floor mats and tape can also reduce the risk. Dixie features guard rails, safety chains, & protective barriers to protect workers.


Fires are preventable but they can also be some of the most dangerous of warehouse accidents. A single fire can put dozens or hundreds of workers at risk. Make sure you are meeting all building codes for fire prevention. Sprinkler systems and alarms need to be inspected and tested regularly. All employees should be trained to use fire extinguishers and know where the emergency exits are located.

Hazardous Materials

There are often chemical products and other hazardous materials in warehouses. Improper storage and handling increase the risk of injuries and health hazards. Any dangerous materials must be clearly labeled and properly stored. Once again, Dixie’s line of racking and storage systems can increase warehouse safety.

Heavy Equipment

No modern warehouse operation could survive without a forklift. However, forklift accidents are a leading cause of injuries. Warehouse safety starts with proper training for operators, but sometimes that’s not enough. Dixie Warehouse Solutions features a collision avoidance system. Audible alarms alert forklift drivers and nearby employees when there is a risk.

Lack of Safety Training

When workers don’t receive the training they need, it puts everyone at risk. Some managers and owners shorten training or cut it out entirely to save money. The result is a threat to warehouse safety and risk of lawsuits and fines.

Long hours

Warehousing is a time-sensitive business and employees may be asked to work long hours. Those extra hours can lead to fatigue and a lack of concentration. It’s up to managers to know their employees’ limits. Even when a person says he or she wants to work the extra hours, it may not be worth the risk.

Call on a Professional

Dixie Warehouse Solutions can’t help you with every one of these safety issues, but we can help a lot. Call now to learn how we can make your Auburn and Montgomery, Alabama warehouse much safer and more efficient.