Better Warehouse Organization: Expert Tips

Warehouse Shelves: Dixie offers warehouse organization tips

“A place for everything and everything in its place”

Dixie Warehouse Solutions knows that statement is about as clichéd as it gets, but you know what? It’s still a cliché to live by if you are running a warehouse business. Clean and well-organized warehouses provide better customer service because they are prepared to receive merchandise, fill orders, load and ship containers, and keep customers happy. Unfortunately, warehouse organization is easier said than done so here’s some advice from industry experts.

Keep it clean

Make it a point to allocate one or two hours a week to cleaning. It can lead to a significant increase in efficiency. It really comes down to common sense, when the warehouse is clean, employees can move around more quickly and will find it easier to get things done.

A lean inventory

Make it a goal to only keep around what you actually need and nothing more. The result is workers have fewer products to sift through when organizing and completing orders. One way is to ask your suppliers if it’s possible to deliver smaller loads more frequently.

Safety first

The first goal of warehouse organization is ALWAYS keeping the employees safe, then you can think about efficiency. It really makes perfect sense, if employees are worried about their personal safety, chances are they won’t be working efficiently.

Regular training

If the staff undergoes regular training about the value of warehouse organization as it relates to customer service, it will become second nature. The training should show them how to use the tools provided to keep the inventory system up to date. With regular training, warehouse organization becomes part of the corporate culture.

Dixie Warehouse Solutions has the solutions to help make many of these goals a reality. We offer state-of-the-art racking and storage options for your Montgomery or Auburn, AL warehouse.

Pallet racks:

  • Dixie offers a complete line of Husky Rack & Wire pallet racks. These racks systems are made with 100 percent USA steel. They can be assembled up to 46 feet high with sturdy wire decking which can handle load capacities up to 20,000 pounds.


Wire partitions:

  • These enclosure systems are easy to install and can usually be assembled by 1-2 persons and they can be easily taken down, moved or reconfigured/expanded for a variety of warehouse storage and enclosure needs.



  • We offer a variety of options for all your industrial shelving needs. Dixie Warehouse Solutions features the complete line of Schaefer and Western Pacific products including cabinet and bookcase-style shelving, as well as shelving applications for bulk and pallet tube storage.

If your warehouse organization is lacking, make your first call to Dixie Warehouse Solutions. We have the knowledge and products to make your warehouse run as smooth as butter (yes, we know that’s another cliché).