Injured Warehouse Worker

10 Common Safety Issues in Warehouses

We don’t have to tell you that busy warehouses can be a dangerous place to work. Dixie Warehouse Solutions is here to team up with you to keep workers as safe as possible. Here is a look at 10 common warehouse safety issues and some of the solutions Dixie can provide. Electrical Hazards Some of […]
Warehouse Pallets Transported by Forklift

What are the OSHA Safety Requirements for a Warehouse?

All it takes is a moment of forgetfulness. Ignoring the safety guidelines just once. Or any other seemingly simple mistake, in the warehouse world, the results can be disastrous or even deadly. Dixie Warehouse Solutions reminds you, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports, the rate of fatal injuries is higher in […]
Warehouse Shelves: Dixie offers warehouse organization tips

Better Warehouse Organization: Expert Tips

“A place for everything and everything in its place” Dixie Warehouse Solutions knows that statement is about as clichéd as it gets, but you know what? It’s still a cliché to live by if you are running a warehouse business. Clean and well-organized warehouses provide better customer service because they are prepared to receive merchandise, […]
Organized Warehouse Shelves: Dixie Warehouse Solutions offers tools for improved warehouse organization.

Warehouse Inventory Management: Tips You Need to Know

When people think of a warehouse many think only of a place to store stuff, just like a closet in a house. We all know how unorganized (messy) a closet can be, but anyone who runs a warehouse operation knows that’s not acceptable. Warehouse organization is a key to success because an unorganized warehouse is […]
Warehouse Worker Wiping Sweat: keep warehouse cool in summer

Make Your Warehouse the Cool Place to be This Summer

Do you know anyone who works odd hours and has trouble sleeping during the day? One suggestion is to run a box fan in the bedroom. The idea is the noisy fan drowns out the sounds that can keep a person awake. The fan is noisy because the blades spin very fast and they move […]
Injured Warehouse Worker: technology for safety

Technology Can Avoid Warehouse Accidents

Have you driven a new car lately? Nearly all the makes and models are filled with high-tech safety features:   Adaptive cruise control – Adjusts your speed if you get too close to another car Blind spot warning – A light in your rear-view mirror alerts you to cars you can’t see Lane departure warning – The driver […]
Injured Warehouse Worker: Warehouse Safety Solutions

Safety Solutions For Your Business & Employees

A safe warehouse operation is an efficient warehouse operation Dixie Warehouse Solutions wants you to let that statement sink in. Now think about the ramifications of a workplace accident involving an injury. There’s downtime while the accident is investigated. Perhaps an OSHA safety investigation. Workers Compensation claims and maybe even an injury lawsuit. Is it […]