Cut Energy Costs in Your Warehouse

steps to cut energy costs

Warehouse energy efficiency can be a key factor in the bottom line of any warehousing operation, especially during the winter season. Dixie Warehouse Solutions and APS can help improve your bottom line by cutting your warehouse energy costs. The goal is to close potential air leaks into your building that can cost you thousands of dollars.

Dixie Warehouse Solutions carries the full line of APS products to eliminate gaps between dock doors, dock levelers, pit walls, and trucks. One of the featured products is the APS Energy Guard for dock levelers. It provides multiple benefits:


  • Employee comfort


      • The tight compression seal eliminates air leaks
      • Increased employee comfort leads to increased productivity


  • Durability


      • Testing cycles up to 50,000 repetitions with no failures
      • Made with reinforced vinyl and chemical resistant fabric


  • Return on investment


      • The APS energy calculator details potential savings
      • A typical ROI for climate-controlled facilities is 9 to 15 months


  • Retrofit


    • Energy Guard is compatible with Serco, Kelley & most other dock levelers

Another product is the Door Sprag™. It fills the gap between the dock leveler and the pit wall. It features:

  • Easy installation on most industrial doors
  • Vinyl material for long-lasting durability

For an extra tight seal use the Edge Sealr™ in conjunction with with the Door Sprag™.  It effectively seals off the bottom of your dock door.

  • Constructed of durable 22 oz. vinyl
  • Available with center flaps (for standard doors)
  • Standard lengths up to 12 feet with custom sizes available

Remember, Dixie Warehouse Solutions goes far beyond warehouse energy-saving tips. We carry a full line of products to make your business safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.

Call us today to learn more about the full line of products to support your material handling and distribution networks.