Keep Your Cool by Calling Dixie Warehouse Solutions

High Volume Low Speed Fans

Keeping your cool inside a warehouse isn’t always easy during a hot Alabama summer. Dixie Warehouse Solutions has some solutions to your problem. What we’re talking about is the latest in High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans. These fans are generally eight to 24 feet in diameter and can move a large volume of air; but since they turn at a low speed, there is no turbulence like you get from high speed fans. They are so quiet you won’t even know they are running until you feel the air movement around you.

Do not make the mistake of comparing these fans to box fans or the ceiling fans you can buy at virtually any department or home improvement stores. Dixie Warehouse proudly represents the Entrematic family including HVLS fans by Serco, Kelley and Entrematic. They provide a completely different type of cooling.

Traditional fans use relatively small blades running at high speed, but the air movement only covers a small area. The high speed also creates lots of noise, sometimes even making conversation difficult between workers.

The large blades on an HVLS fan are designed much like the rotors on a helicopter. When the large volume of air hits the floor, it is pushed out over a large area. The advantages include:

  • Reduces feels-like temperatures by 3 to 8 degrees
  • Cuts HVAC energy costs
  • Employees are cooler, more comfortable & more productive
  • So quiet you won’t even know they are there

While they are outstanding warehouse fans, HVLS fans can be used in many other commercial and industrial settings. Think of large areas like an entire room of exercise machines with people working out, patrons in a bar, customers eating on the outdoor patio of a restaurant, or workers in a car service center. Because they are so quiet the large fans are also ideal for theaters, schools and large office spaces.

In all of those settings, efficient climate control isn’t always easy, but Dixie Warehouse Solutions can help. We can set you up with the HVLS fan to best fit your needs and keep things cool and comfortable.