Make Your Warehouse the Cool Place to be This Summer

Warehouse Worker Wiping Sweat: keep warehouse cool in summer

Do you know anyone who works odd hours and has trouble sleeping during the day? One suggestion is to run a box fan in the bedroom. The idea is the noisy fan drowns out the sounds that can keep a person awake. The fan is noisy because the blades spin very fast and they move a relatively small amount of air at high speed. It makes those type of fans impractical for the workplace. They are too noisy and employees would feel like they are working in a windstorm.


Dixie Warehouse Solutions has a different option to keep your employees cool when the hot weather arrives. It’s called a high-volume low-speed fan or HVLS fan for short. What exactly is the meaning of HVLS fan? HVLS ceiling fans have blades at least seven feet in diameter and turn at a slow speed. What that means is they move a large volume of air at a low speed. For workers in a warehouse using HVLS fans, it means they still get the cooling effect of air circulation without the noise and turbulence.


The large fan blades force a column of air down to the floor. When the air hits the floor, it spreads out sideways creating more circulation. To be clear, no fan actually cools the air; but the air movement makes people feel cooler. When you talk about HVLS fan benefits, it can make the air feel as much as eight degrees cooler. When workers feel more comfortable during hot weather, they are naturally more productive. If your facility is air conditioned, the cooling effect allows you to set the thermostat slightly higher cutting the monthly bills.


Dixie offers Kelley, Serco, and MacroAir HVLS fans for your warehouse. These fans feature patented 5 and 6-blade designs and digital touch-screen control panels for easy operation and monitoring. Plus, they are so quiet, you won’t even know they are running until you feel the gentle circulating breeze they produce.



  • So, to summarize the benefits of HVLS fans:


  • Worker comfort
  • Increased productivity
  • Quiet operation
  • Lower utility bills



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