vehicle restraint systems

We can think of no worse scenario for a warehouse system owner/operator than a creeping or drive-off vehicle. An unsecured tractor-trailer or other vehicles can cause serious damage not only to the dock and the vehicle and its freight, but also pose a grave safety threat to dock personnel and other workers and civilians.

That’s why Dixie Warehouse Solutions knows how important it is to invest in a top-notch vehicle restraint system for your warehouse operation. Vehicle restraint systems keep parked vehicles securely in place at the dock and prevent creeping vehicles and premature drive-offs. Creeping occurs when the vehicle sways back and forth as it is being unloaded, while premature drive-offs occur when a driver mistakenly thinks the vehicle is unloaded and ready to go or it is mistakenly put into gear. Either way, a restraint system prevents these mishaps from occurring and ensures the safety of dock freight, your employees, and others who may be nearby.

Dixie Warehouse Solutions is proud to offer a complete line of Kelley and Serco restraint systems. These systems generally are designed and built around a steel arm locking mechanism which automatically detects wheel positions and locks them in place. They come with manual and automatic activation options. Systems we offer include:

  • Serco PitBull Safety-Loc. This comes in both powered and manual activation models and are a good fit for any application or budget.
  • Kelley STAR® Series & Kelley HH Series HIDDEN HOOK™. This option includes features such as a hook-mounted sensor bar, LED exterior and interior lights and audible alarms for reliable communication.
  • APS 2000®. A superior version of the traditional impact-style vehicle restraint, this system features an advanced communication system and also is equipped with an impact extension bar that works with a wide range of rear impact guards.

We also offer solutions for warehouse systems that may need to accommodate vehicles with unique liftgate or configuration issues. The right equipment for these situations may be wheel chock systems which immobilize the vehicles at each wheel. Dixie Warehouse Solutions also offers Kelly and Serco models of this equipment.

Don’t let your worst nightmare happen … call Dixie Warehouse Solutions today and let us help you ensure the safety of your warehouse, your employees and your customers’ freight!