Safety Solutions For Your Business & Employees

Injured Warehouse Worker: Warehouse Safety Solutions

A safe warehouse operation is an efficient warehouse operation

Dixie Warehouse Solutions wants you to let that statement sink in. Now think about the ramifications of a workplace accident involving an injury. There’s downtime while the accident is investigated. Perhaps an OSHA safety investigation. Workers Compensation claims and maybe even an injury lawsuit. Is it really worth the gamble? Instead, save your assets with “Save”tyⓇ Yellow Products from Dixie Warehouse Solutions.

We have products to protect employees, facilities, products, and equipment against collisions with forklifts and accidental falls. Companies like Sears, U.S. Foods, Adidas, Home Depot, and General Electric have used the “Save”tyⓇ products. You have enough to worry about when you run a business and these products can at least limit, if not eliminate, safety concerns.

These are just a few of the “Save”ty products available from Dixie Warehouse.


  • Look Out™ Collision Awareness systems:


    • These warehouse traffic sensors alert employees about dangerous collisions before they happen. Using sensors, the system monitors traffic & alerts others just around the corner. For example, sensors on a loading dock door sound a warning when it senses a person on foot. The alarm alerts a forklift driver who’s inside the truck at the dock. Nearly half, 40%, of all forklift fatalities are caused by an individual being struck or run over. The Look Out™ system can prevent many of these accidents and fatalities by using several devices.
      • Indicator Light glows blue when sensor is activated
      • Great for hearing impaired personnel
      • Alerts pedestrians when forklifts are crossing
      • Unit mounts up and out of the way
      • No reflectors required
      • Nothing attached to your forklifts
      • Low voltage wiring eliminates the need for conduit
      • 24V transformer plugs into an overhead outlet
      • Super bright LED lights with 100,000 hours life


  • “Save”TyⓇ Yellow Products for Asset Protection:


    • This line of products started with the original LIFT-OUT Sleeve Design industrial safety guard rail system, but now “Save”tyⓇ Yellow Products has branched out to include handrails, safety gates and much more. New products are being developed all the time. This is just a partial list.
      • Light and heavy duty OSHA yellow guard rail systems
      • Post protectors
      • Steel bollards (concrete surface mount or direct bury)
      • Column protectors
      • Rack protectors
      • Door track protectors
      • Safety swing gates

Dixie Warehouse Solutions is proud to carry these American-made products, powder-coated with certified lead-free paint, and stocked in Illinois for ease of availability. Call us now to find out more about how “Save”tyⓇ Yellow Products can protect your assets and employees.