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Dixie Warehouse Solutions installs HVLS fans at warehouses and large businesses in the Auburn, AL area. Dixie Warehouse Solutions is a locally owned company that you can rely on to provide quality products and services.


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A high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan’s blades produce a large amount of air movement. The blades then circulate throughout a large space like a warehouse. These fan blades range from 8 to 24 feet in diameter. HVLS fans are now available and used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial fields.

They keep employees comfortable in their workspace, reduce costs, and provide energy-saving benefits. HVLS fans move the air in your facilities at a high velocity. You can provide a better working environment for your employees by installing an HVLS fan.

Additionally, HVLS fans reduce energy costs when used in conjunction with an efficient air conditioning system. They also decrease the temperature of your warehouse by 3 to 8 degrees. These industrial ceiling fans can make a big difference for your business and your employees.

At Dixie Warehouse Solutions in Auburn, AL, we have a selection of Kelley, Serco, and MacroAir fans available to install. Our warehouse professionals are looking forward to discussing your options and demonstrating what a quality high volume low speed fans can do for you!


Dixie Warehouse Solutions In Auburn, Alabama


Dixie Warehouse Solutions is your source for loading dock equipment in Auburn, Alabama and surrounding areas. Our talented team of technicians provides dependable, same-day service to get our customer’s warehouses cool and comfortable. In addition to HVLS fans, we offer other services and warehouse solutions. Some of these include:

In need of service repairs? Looking to improve your warehouse and storage systems? At Dixie Warehouse Solutions, we have a combined 25 years of experience.

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