Auburn, AL Loading Dock Equipment

Old or malfunctioning equipment can be a big issue for your warehouse activities. At best, it can slow down your daily production. At worst, it could cause serious injury or harm to employees or visitors in your warehouses.

Well-maintained, top-of-the-line warehouse loading equipment in your warehouse is essential to keeping your processes working and your employees safe. Our Auburn office can provide you with equipment tough enough to withstand all the conditions the warehouse environment can throw at it.


Types Of Loading Dock Equipment for Your Warehouse


The warehouse loading dock equipment offered at Dixie Warehouse in Auburn, AL covers all functions of a busy dock to keep your operation up and running quickly and efficiently.

  • Dock Levelers – allow a truck to back right up to an overhead door which provides a seal and a level surface for forklifts and other equipment
  • Dock Seals – keeps out the elements, makes loading and unloading easier and safer, and allows the trailer to back right up to the dock
  • Dock Shelters – work in conjunction with dock seals and dock shelters to keep out weather and protect workers and stock during loading and unloading
  • Vehicle Restraints – secures vehicles to avoid unexpected rolling during unloading and loading
  • Dock Bridges – connect the dock and the trailer, providing a safe bridge for forklifts and other unloading and loading equipment
  • Control Panel – easy-to-use master control panels that can operate all your warehouse dock equipment with one unit

Dixie Warehouse in Auburn, AL supplies a full range of loading dock equipment to keep your warehouse up and running at full capacity. We take pride in providing the best solutions for you and your individual business needs. Having effective systems increase productivity and help bridge the gap in your processes.


Dixie Warehouse Solutions In Auburn, Alabama


Dixie Warehouse Solutions is your source for loading dock equipment in Auburn, Alabama and surrounding areas. We sell, maintain, and repair all types of loading dock equipment pieces. In addition to loading dock equipment, we offer other services and warehouse solutions. Some of these include:

In need of service repairs? Looking to improve your warehouse and storage systems? At Dixie Warehouse Solutions, we have a combined 25 years of experience.

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