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Loading Dock Equipment


A warehouse depends on how its loading dock functions, and up-to-snuff loading dock equipment is key. Old, malfunctioning equipment slows down activity and can even be dangerous. A fully-equipped warehouse is essential to maintaining day-to-day operations, and the different types of loading dock equipment work together to keep your warehouse safe, secure, and operating at peak efficiency.

Loading dock accidents can be catastrophic, at best causing costly shutdowns and at worst resulting in worker injury. Properly functioning loading dock equipment helps prevent accidents by bridging the gap between trailers and the warehouse and keeping trucks firmly anchored during loading and unloading.

DIxie Warehouse in Montgomery, AL supplies a full range of loading dock equipment to keep your warehouse up and running at full capacity. Contact us today to learn how we can equip your facility.


A Full Range of Loading Dock Equipment


Our loading dock equipment covers all functions of a busy dock to keep your operation up and running at all times. Our Montgomery office supplies essential equipment tough enough to withstand all the conditions the warehouse environment can throw at it.

  • Overhead Doors: Put simply, properly functioning warehouse doors are necessary to keep your warehouse and loading dock operating at full capacity. Doors that stick or otherwise don’t raise properly slow down your operations, and damaged doors don’t protect against weather or offer security. Dixie Warehouse Solutions carries a full line of overhead warehouse doors.
  • Dock Levelers: Trailers don’t always match the level of the dock, which can make loading and unloading far more difficult and far less safe. Dock levelers allow the truck to back right up to the door which provides a seal and a level surface for forklifts and other equipment.
  • Dock Seals: A perfect seal between the dock and the trailer keeps out the elements and makes loading and unloading easier and safer. Dock seals allow the trailer to back up to the dock, leaving no open space between the warehouse and outside.
  • Dock Shelters: Dock shelters work in conjunction with dock seals to keep out weather and protect workers and stock during loading and unloading. They work in conjunction with dock seals by overhanging the space where the trailer meets the dock.
  • Vehicle Restraints: An unsecured vehicle presents a danger to drivers and warehouse personnel. Unexpected rolling during unloading and loading can result in a gap between the loading dock and the trailer, leading to catastrophe. Dixie Warehouse Solutions in Montgomery carries the best brands and models of this critical equipment, including the Serco Pitbull Safety-Loc, the Kelley Star and HH Series, and APS 2000.
  • Dock Bridges: These essential components for a fully equipped and safe loading dock connect the dock and the trailer, providing a safe bridge for forklifts and other unloading and loading equipment. We offer the industry’s best dock bridges, including the time-tested and economical LH Series LoadHog.
  • Control Panels: Loading dock equipment can be operated by a number of different control panels leading to inefficient operations. Dixie Warehouse Solutions in Montgomery provides easy-to-use master control panels that can operate all your equipment with one unit.


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Dixie Warehouse Solutions, serving the Montgomery, Alabama area, is your one-stop shop for all types of loading dock equipment. We carry the best brands and top models. We can fully equip your warehouse to keep your operation running safely and smoothly. Contact us to learn how we can help you!