Loading Dock Equipment

Your company’s truck loading docks are the gateway connecting your facility and your supply chain operation. The systems that support your loading dock operation are vital to your company’s productivity. Dixie Warehouse Solutions offers its customers in the Montgomery and Auburn areas a wide range of products to keep your loading docks running smooth, including loading dock ramps, dock levelers, dock seals, dock shelters, dock lifts and load hogs. Call Dixie today for local, dependable, same-day service for all your dock needs.


Warehouse dock levelers are used as a bridge between the dock and truck. They can be adjusted for height and may be operated with a mechanical spring, or hydraulic or air powered systems. Dixie Warehouse Solutions offer Kelley dock leveler products. Kelley invented the world’s first dock leveler in 1953 and changed the industry when it introduced its air-powered dock leveler in 1994.

The mechanical leveler is mounted in a pit below the dock and is activated manually via an extension spring counterbalance.  The air-powered system features air bag lifting technology, which provides stability and is operated via push-button controls, which helps to eliminate manual issues. Hydraulic levelers are powered by a pit-mounted hydraulic system that is designed to handle high-volume dock operations.


Warehouse dock seals are normally comprised of compressible foam blocks that serve as a cushion for trucks backing up to the docks. They also can serve as barriers that will protect the dock environment against the elements and provide safe operating conditions. Options include a wide range of Kelley seals which include ultra-durable framing and fire-resistant foam and fabrics.


Keeping every docked load safe, secure and protected from the elements make shelters a key component of a productive and efficient dock operation. Dixie offers Kelley shelter solutions that will not only keep your workers and assets comfortable and safe, but also help with climate control, thereby reducing energy costs. They also provide unobstructed access to docked vehicles. Kelley shelter options include the exclusive Hinge Guard, Rigid Frame, Flexframe, Foamside, Blockade and AquaShield models.


Warehouse loading dock lifts are essential in making your docks 100 percent accessible. Lifts offer a cost-effective alternative to booms and other portable aerial platforms and help provide a stable and level loading/unloading area for trucks and trailers. Dixie Warehouse Solutions offers a complete selection of Kelley hydraulic scissor lift systems. Ask us about our truck levelers and rail lifts!


Dock bridges are designed and built to connect the warehouse and the trailer. They address warehouse issues at a lower cost than other solutions such as mechanical dock levelers, while providing efficient and safe operation. They also maximize floor space and are generally easy to operate and maintain. We offer the Kelley LH Series LoadHog modular dock bridge. The LoadHog mounts to your warehouse floor via heavy-duty bolts and requires no concrete installation work, thereby saving you money over the course of the bridge’s lifespan.