Modular Warehouse Offices


Sometimes, your existing office space is just not enough. This can be the result of many factors: remodeling, expansion, or just the need for more privacy. Maybe your warehouse operation is in need of some walled-off office space. Or perhaps, you want to utilize your overhead space in a more efficient manner with a custom mezzanine. No matter the reason, Dixie Warehouse Solutions has the application to fit all modular office building needs for our customers in Montgomery and Auburn.

Dixie Warehouse Solutions offers a line of dependable PortaFab Modular Building Systems, featuring an extensive selection of high-quality, durable framing systems, interchangeable wall panels, and accessories. They are available in these configurations:

  • 4-wall units. Built for one large room or can be subdivided.
  • 3-wall units. It can be attached to existing walls to cut expenses or for more flexibility.
  • 2-wall units. Maximizes affordability by utilizing corner wall spaces.
  • 2-story units.  Perfect for supervisory offices or custom office space in buildings or warehouses with high ceilings but limited floor space.


Dixie also installs and services Wildeck mezzanine systems. Mezzanines are industrial steel work platforms that allow you to better utilize your overhead warehouse space. Designed for heavy-duty use, these mezzanines are designed and built to your custom load, size, span and height requirements and will meet all stringent industry standards, as well as local, state and federal codes.

Some companies may be skeptical about mezzanines because of the challenges of moving warehouse inventory or dock cargo from one level to another, but Dixie Warehouse Solutions can solve the problem. It’s called Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs), also manufactured in the U.S. by Wildeck. They are safer than forklifts and can move materials from the ground floor to the mezzanines or to rack storage. Because VRC’s are classified as material conveyors, your employees do not need OSHA forklift certification to operate them.

Wildeck makes mechanical and hydraulic systems. Mechanical lifts, which use chain drives, are designed for faster speed and quick turnaround. Hydraulic systems are designed to carry heavier loads at a slightly slower speed. They can handle loads up to 4,000 pounds (2 tons).

Call Dixie Warehouse Solutions to learn how VRC’s, in combination with additional mezzanine storage, can expand your warehousing operation and make it more efficient at the same time.


Dixie also offers PortaFab modular cleanroom applications. Cleanrooms are generally defined as an enclosed or isolated area within a manufacturing facility specifically designed and built to control climate factors such as air pollutants, pressure, temperature, and humidity. They can be used to contain machinery and protect products or processes. Call us today to find out more about cleanroom modular system design, construction, standards, and regulations.


Let Dixie Warehouse Solutions show you how to segregate office space with modular partitions. These partitions can be built up to 40 feet tall and can effectively divide office space with sturdy demising (dividing) walls. Office partitions can be designed with numerous walls, windows, glass, and door options.


Modular booths can be used in various warehouse applications, including as a partitioned security booth, supervisory station, or smoking room for employees. They can also function as an enclosed structure built on top of a mezzanine or loading platform. Dimensions range from 3-feet by 4-feet to 8×16 and feature many accessories, including bullet-resistant glass, shelving and more.