Overhead Doors

Your warehouse doors are pretty much big garage doors on steroids, right? But they are not invincible. We all know that properly installed and functioning commercial overhead doors are a critical component to keeping your warehouse operation running smoothly. A loading dock door that is stuck or not opening/closing properly cannot only hamper your productivity but damage your inventory and lead to adverse climate conditions for employees. So, call your friends at Dixie Warehouse Solutions and let us install or repair your overhead doors. Locally owned since 1908, we offer dependable same day service to our customers in the Central and Southern, AL communities.


Dixie Warehouse Solutions is proud to offer installation and service of Amarr and Entrematic sectional doors. Our customers can choose from super-durable steel doors, aluminum doors and a variety of energy-efficient insulated doors. Steel Options include 2-inch thick panels in medium-duty, heavy-duty or extra-heavy-duty strengths. Aluminum options include 2-inch thick panels with a variety of options, including glass panels designed to let in additional workspace lighting. Our insulated sectional doors come in heavy-duty 2-inch panels or medium-duty 1 ⅜ inch panels sealed and bonded with polyurethane foam that offers an energy efficient 4-step insulation system. Color, finish and window options are available.


Dixie Warehouse Solutions is your one-stop shop for all rolling door needs. Whether you need an insulated, fire, high speed or just a basic heavy-duty steel rolling door, we’ve got you covered. Our options are designed for maximum security, protection from the elements and performance. Lightweight, but durable, our coiling doors are available in galvanized and stainless steel or aluminum and come in a plethora of opening sizes and aesthetic options. Our high-speed rolling door options include models that offer more than 1 million maintenance-free open/close cycles. Brands we install and service include Amarr, Cornell, Cookson, and Janus and all include control systems.


Total knockout doors are impact-resistant overhead doors that are designed and built to take a pounding and still keep operating. ASSA ABLOY TKO doors are ideal for high-traffic warehouse operations which can result in unexpected impact from forklifts, pallets or other material handling equipment. They are also ideal for high-wind, extreme-weather environments. They operate with patented spring-loaded plungers that allow panels to actually “knock out” when severely impacted. Door panels can then be quickly reset or replaced without completely disabling the door and can be returned to operation in a matter of minutes. Call Dixie Warehouse Solutions today and find out how you can knock out your overhead loading dock door damage concerns!