Racking Equipment

Warehouse Racking Equipment

If you operate a warehouse/docking system that requires inventory storage in outdoor or extreme temperature or climate conditions, your business requires a unique set of solutions. No worries. Dixie Warehouse Solutions, the Montgomery and Auburn area’s most dependable, locally-owned business, has you covered. We offer many applications to handle your outdoor/indoor, freezer or chemical inventory storage shelving/racking needs, including shelving, storage racks, rack carts and custom stacking rack systems.

Our custom climate shelving/racking options feature galvanized metal units that can withstand all that Mother Nature – or your warehouse’s commercial freezer – can throw at it.  These units are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures or provide safe storage for your chemical storage.

From bulk racking, to cantilever racking to pallet racking systems, we have the solution for your needs. Our stacking rack systems offer a portable , flexible alternative to bulk stacking by minimizing wear and tear on your inventory and maximizing floor space.We also offer a complete line of warehouse racking accessories, including rack carts that make moving your inventory/products from one storage area to another a snap.