Serco Loading Dock Equipment

vehicle restraints on a truck at a loading dock

Your company’s truck loading docks are like the front entrance of a house. They are the gateway connecting your warehouse to your visitors (trucks) delivering your inventory. Just like a front door, the systems supporting your loading dock operation should add curb appeal, be safe, and allow for an efficient transfer because they are all vital to your company’s productivity. Dixie Warehouse Solutions offers its customers in the Montgomery and Auburn areas a wide range of products by Serco, the most trusted name in the industry. We can keep your loading docks running smoothly with ramps, dock levelers, dock seals, dock shelters, dock lifts and load hogs.


Warehouse dock levelers are used as a bridge between the dock and truck. Serco carries a full line including these products:

  • Mechanical dock levelers:
    • This is a pit-mounted loading dock leveler. It requires manual operation using a spring and counterbalance system. Serco mechanical levelers set the industry standard for durability and dependability.
  • Power-assisted dock levelers:
    • If you need more efficiency, the power-assisted dock leveler is the ideal balance of power and performance. It still has the benefits of a mechanical leveler because it can continue basic operation even when the power goes out.
  • Air-powered dock levelers:
    • These use air bag lifting technology. They have the advantage of a user-friendly design and provides smooth operation and push-button controls.
  • Hydraulic dock levelers:
    • In high volume situations, this is the way to go. Serco hydraulic levelers have been around since the brand was established in 1958. Today, you’ll find Serco hydraulic levelers in thousands of loading docks, proving themselves with outstanding strength, safety, and durability.
  • Vertical-storing dock levelers
    • The name says it all. These store in the vertical position and are ideal for climate-controlled facilities. Serco vertical dock levelers give you total control over things like environment, safety, cleanliness, and security. They are perfect for industries storing food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other products requiring temperature monitoring. Vertical-storing dock levelers can be set up with an optional Thermal Guard Package. It allows trailer doors to swing open into the building after the trailer has been docked, keeping those sensitive products safe while lowering energy costs.


Serco dock seals help keep the weather elements out. They are important for safety, but can also be critical in keeping cool air inside climate-controlled or cold storage facilities. Dixie Warehouse Solutions features the entire line of Serco dock seals with these features:

  • Ultra-durable steel framing, for years of protection
  • Large selection of durable coated fabrics, offering maximum durability
  • Optional flame-retardant foam and fabric for ultimate insulation benefits


Keeping every docked load safe, secure and protected from the elements make Serco shelters from Dixie a key component of a productive and efficient dock operation. They will not only keep your workers and assets comfortable and safe but also help with climate control, thereby reducing energy costs. They also provide unobstructed access to docked vehicles. Serco has several styles and designs and we are sure one will work for you.


Serco dock lifts from Dixie Warehouse Solutions allow you to move products and materials safely and easily, all while making your dock 100% accessible. Lifts provide a stable and level area for loading and unloading. They are a cost-effective alternative to booms and other portable aerial platforms. Serco makes hydraulic lifts, the cost-efficient rail lift, and the SLT level lift system featuring the best of a hydraulic dock leveler and scissors lift in one unit.


By its very definition, a bridge connects something to something. Serco dock bridges from Dixie are designed and built to connect the warehouse and the trailer. In some situations, they can be a lower cost solution to mechanical dock levelers, while providing efficient and safe operation. We especially like the LH Series LoadHog® modular dock bridge. It mounts to your warehouse floor using only four heavy-duty anchor bolts, requires no concrete work and provides a lower lifetime cost of ownership than many other types of leveling systems. They also maximize floor space and are generally easy to operate and maintain.


Nothing is more important than safety. Keeping trucks and trailers that are docked at your warehouse safe and secure is not only vital to protecting your customers’ freight, but to ensure the safety of all employees and personnel on the dock and in the warehouse. Serco vehicle restraints combine restraining devices with instantaneous, clear, nonverbal communication systems for dock operators and drivers. The result is a new level of safety for customers and employees. You will find a wide variety of vehicle restraints and wheel restraints from Serco. Used correctly, restraint systems will prevent dock accidents resulting from unplanned vehicle departures, vehicle creep (dock walk) or even vehicle landing gear failure. Don’t risk injuries or even death. Keep your loading dock crew safe by ensuring trailers are properly secured at the loading dock before loading or unloading.


In addition to all of our warehouse dock, storage, and general operating systems, Dixie Warehouse Solutions provides a full line of APS Resource aftermarket parts and accessories to modify or enhance your warehouse system. This includes lighting accessories that spotlight your dock and employees, thereby helping to reduce accidents due to poor lighting; or energy-saving solutions that produce a more comfortable working environment while lowering your utility and operational costs. We also offer product upgrades and maintenance programs that can prolong the life of such systems as dock levelers. Our Sentry Rail systems are another valuable complement to your dock and provide premium loading-dock barrier protection for your facility and personnel. Whatever your accessory or special custom needs, we have the solution. Call Dixie and it’s done!


Dock operations are getting busier and more complicated all the time. With the increase in activity and technology, there is a demand for more automated mechanical equipment. Dixie Warehouse Solutions features Serco Master Control Panels that let you combine operating controls for all your devices into one easy-to-use compact panel. The result is convenient control in one location, improving productivity on the dock and saving you time and money.

Call Dixie Warehouse Solutions to learn more about all of these Serco products and for for local, dependable, same-day service for all your dock needs. We’re a different part of the family, but our motto is still the same, “Call Dixie and it’s done.”