Technology Can Avoid Warehouse Accidents

Injured Warehouse Worker: technology for safety

Have you driven a new car lately? Nearly all the makes and models are filled with high-tech safety features:


  • Adaptive cruise control – Adjusts your speed if you get too close to another car
  • Blind spot warning – A light in your rear-view mirror alerts you to cars you can’t see
  • Lane departure warning – The driver is alerted if the car leaves its lane
  • A lane keeping system – A computer automatically steers the car to stay in its own lane

Automotive safety is great, but did you know some of the same technology can make your warehouse operation safer? It’s used to prevent collisions causing serious injuries or even deaths.

Your friends at Dixie Warehouse Solutions can show you what we’re talking about with the Look Out™ Collision Awareness systems by the “Save”ty Yellow Products company.  It’s a system utilizing a network of warehouse traffic sensors to alert employees about dangerous collisions before they happen. For example, sensors on a loading dock door sound a warning when it senses a person approaching on foot. The alarm alerts a forklift driver who’s inside the truck at the dock.

Nearly half, 40%, of all forklift fatalities are caused by an individual being struck or run over. The Look Out™ is a state-of-the-art forklift anti-collision system. These are some of the features which, in our opinion, make this the best warehouse collision avoidance system on the market:

  • Indicator Light glows blue when sensor is activated
  • Great for hearing impaired personnel
  • Alerts pedestrians when forklifts are crossing
  • Unit mounts up and out of the way
  • No reflectors required
  • Low voltage wiring eliminates the need for conduit
  • 24V transformer plugs into an overhead outlet
  • Super bright LED lights with 100,000 hours life

First and foremost, by using the Look Out™ Collision Awareness systems, you create an awareness among employees about potentially dangerous situations. When you create that awareness, you reduce the risk of damage, injury and death. Reduced risk means less chance of facing workers compensation claims and injury lawsuits. When your employees see your efforts or provide a safer workplace it can also increase morale.

The Look Out™ Collision Awareness system is just one way to make your warehouse a safer place to work. Call Dixie Warehouse Solutions to learn more about the entire line of products from the “Save”ty Yellow Products company.