Dixie Warehouse Solutions Equipment FAQs

What is a good option for warehouse ventilation?

The best solution to keep air moving in a warehouse is high volume low speed fans paired with a powerful HVAC system.


How large is a high volume low speed fan?

HVLS fan blades range from 8 to 24 feet in diameter.


How much can an HVLS fan cool a warehouse?

Depending on its size, a high volume low speed fan can cool warehouse air by anywhere from 3 to 8 degrees.


What are the different types of overhead warehouse doors?

  • Sectional
  • Rolling steel
  • High speed
  • Total Knockout (TKO)


What are TKO doors?

TKO, or total knockout, doors are impact-resistant warehouse doors. These heavy-duty doors can withstand impacts from forklifts and pallets and can also protect against extreme weather conditions.


What are sectional warehouse doors?

Sectional doors are much like household garage doors, only bigger. These warehouse doors are divided into sections, each having its own set of rollers for opening and closing.


What are rolling steel doors?

Rolling steel warehouse doors have more sections than sectional doors so when raised they roll up into a coil.


What are the major brands of overhead warehouse doors?

Dixie Warehouse Solutions carries many brands of overhead doors, including:

  • Sectional doors: Amarr and Entrematic
  • Rolling steel doors: Amarr, Cornell, Cookson, and Janus
  • High speed doors: Dynaco and Rytec
  • TKO doors: Assa Abloy


What conditions do warehouse racks need to be suited for?

Indoor/Outdoor and freezer racks need to handle extreme temperatures. There are also chemical storage racks that are suitable for withstanding corrosive elements.


What are the types of loading dock equipment?

  • Dock levelers
  • Vehicle restraints
  • Dock seals
  • Dock shelters
  • Dock lifts
  • Dock bridges


What are dock levelers?

Dock levelers compensate for differences between the height of the dock and the height of the trailer. Dock levelers make it possible for forklifts and other equipment to access the truck’s load.


What are dock seals?

Dock seals create a seal between the trailer and the dock. The seal keeps out weather and helps the dock maintain its temperature. They also prevent minor damage to both the trailer and the edges of the dock door.


What are dock shelters?

Dock shelters provide the same function as dock seals, but with more protection against the elements. They envelop the end of the trailer to create a complete, overlapping seal.


What are dock lifts?

Dock lifts are scissor lifts that create a level work area. They work in conjunction with dock ramps.

What are dock bridges?

Dock bridges are used when a trailer can’t completely dock. They allow unloading equipment to access the load when there’s a gap between the dock and the trailer.