Warehouse Inventory Management: Tips You Need to Know

Organized Warehouse Shelves

When people think of a warehouse many think only of a place to store stuff, just like a closet in a house. We all know how unorganized (messy) a closet can be, but anyone who runs a warehouse operation knows that’s not acceptable. Warehouse organization is a key to success because an unorganized warehouse is an inefficient warehouse. Eventually, it leads to a lack of customer service.

Dixie Warehouse Solutions serving Auburn, Opelika, and Montgomery, Alabama, is here to help. Here are some of the key suggestions from the experts on warehouse organization:

It starts with the upkeep

Inspect your warehouse regularly. The goal is to make sure all items can be accessed safely and easily. Items that move quickly should be stored in the most visible spots, let’s say between waist and shoulder height. Make sure there is a separate space for damaged items and those damaged items are dealt with daily.

Identify hot sellers

These items should always be stored close to the shipping area. You can save a lot of labor by making them easily accessible but make sure you are using this prime space only for items that move quickly.

Receiving is key

Many errors can happen during the receiving process. One solution is to give your receiving team space to work, not just some tiny cubby hole office in the back corner of the warehouse.

Label everything

If you have anything in the warehouse without labels it’s a problem. Errors increase costs and reduce profit. You can come up with your own labeling system or use labeling software, but make sure it gets done.

Now that we’ve laid out the goals for your warehouse, call Dixie Warehouse Solutions because we have all the storage and racking solutions to help you reach those goals:


  • Pallet racks
  • Wire partitions
  • Shelving

Every storage solution is completely customizable to fit your warehouse organization needs. All our shelving and racking options feature galvanized metal. The rugged construction means they can stand up to the elements, whether it’s mother nature or the commercial freezer in your warehouse.

Let’s team up to make your warehouse operation as organized and efficient as it can be. Grab your phone and call Dixie Warehouse Solutions. We have everything you need to keep your warehouse running smoothly.