What are the OSHA Safety Requirements for a Warehouse?

Warehouse Pallets Transported by Forklift

All it takes is a moment of forgetfulness. Ignoring the safety guidelines just once. Or any other seemingly simple mistake, in the warehouse world, the results can be disastrous or even deadly. Dixie Warehouse Solutions reminds you, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports, the rate of fatal injuries is higher in warehousing than the national average for other industries. It is another reminder to make sure you are making warehouse safety a top priority.

Think Safety

According to OSHA there are more than 145,000 people working in more than 7,000 warehouses. They face many potential hazards:


  • Unsafe forklift operation
  • Dangerous stacking of products
  • Failing to use personal protection equipment
  • Not following proper lockout/tagout procedures
  • Inadequate fire safety guidelines
  • Repetitive motion injuries

Let’s break down some of the specific safety guidelines to keep your warehouse operation in Montgomery, AL as safe as possible.


In all industries, forklift accidents kill about 100 people and injure 95,000 every year. Many of them are caused by forklift turnovers. Practice good warehouse safety by making sure you are doing the following:


  • Train, evaluate and certify all operators to ensure safe operation.
  • No one under 18 years old should be allowed to operate a forklift.
  • Properly maintain equipment, including tires.
  • Follow safe procedures for picking up, putting down, and stacking loads.
  • Drive safely, never faster than 5 mph.
  • Slow down in congested areas or those with slippery conditions.
  • Make sure operators use seat belts at all times
  • Strictly prohibit stunt driving & horseplay
  • Do not handle loads that exceed weight limits

Loading Docks

Many forklift incidents and other accidents happen on loading docks. You should always take extra precautions when working on a dock:


  • Drive forklifts slowly.
  • Secure dock plates.
  • Make sure the plate can safely support the load.
  • Stay clear of dock edges especially with forklifts.
  • Provide visual warnings near dock edges.
  • Prohibit “dock jumping” by employees.
  • Make ladders & stairs on the loading dock OSHA specifications.


When materials are improperly stored it’s a dangerous warehouse safety risk. Falling objects can severely injure workers. There are solutions:


  • Loads, usually on pallets, must be stacked evenly and straight.
  • Heavier loads should be placed on lower or middle shelves.
  • Only take down one object at a time from shelves.
  • Keep aisles and passageways clear.

Dixie Warehouse Solutions is always available to help improve the safety of your Auburn, AL warehouse. We carry many products to make sure you meet OSHA safety standards. Contact us now to learn more.